Reaity check

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So I was awakened this morning to Tom Joyner talking about certain folks in America feeling that is just fine to deface the property of others just because our next President is NOT McBush. Now ignorance in general just makes me angry, but as a Sistah from the south, this foolishness makes me especially angry. Now I don’t, for the life of me, understand why black folks thought that because Obama made it to the White House, we were going to get some type of “no more racial bull shit” pass. I guess folks thought that the 1960’s were further away than they actually are. Or maybe folks thought that this was America’s subtle way of burying the hatchet and we would all sit around the Statue of Liberty singing The Star Spangled Banner as Bush personally handed us the deeds to our 40 acres and a mule Mustang (damn the mule let’s leave that Spike Lee shall we). Clearly not! So I have taken my X off of the shelf, and have put together a small list of reality checks to help us wake up, because obviously some of us have fallen asleep…or are openly basking in our own ignorance.

Reality Check number 1: Most of our grandparents were college age during Brown v. Topeka Kansas Board of Education. Wait…you mean to tell me, that my Grandmother was a few years younger than me when this decision was made? Wow…that really wasn’t that long ago at all.

Reality check number 2: Most of us are only 1 generation from the assassination of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Pump your brakes…that means that my parents mot likely vaguely remember both of these incidents. Interesting….

Reality Check number 3: When Rodney King was beaten like an animal, just because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time wearing the wrong color skin, I was only 8 years old! Stop the presses! That was like yesterday in people years. By the way my oldest nephew is 18…you do the math.

Honestly, for all the “Land of the Free” talk, we are probably one of the most oppressed nations around. There should never have been a question of whether Obama would win. I know honestly, I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop or for it to be stolen from him somehow…wait, I still am. I find it upsetting to hear Tom Joyner, whom I adore, saying on the radio, early in the morning no less, that there have been many instances of racist driven groups defacing property because they are angry that a black man won the presidency. He then went on to say that if you fear your home will be targeted, you should fly a flag in your yard because these folks would never disrespect the flag. WHAT THE HELL?!!! I shouldn’t have to fly a damn thing in my yard for folks to decide to leave my property alone.

I can remember during Operation Desert Storm (that’s the original Iraq BS with the original Bush…just in case you forgot) my Aunt telling my Grandmother that we were putting a yellow ribbon on our mailbox to signify that we supported the troops and the war. Now both of my older brothers where in the military, fighting for nonsense, as were many of my neighbor’s children, but this sacrifice wasn’t enough from our families. Apparently the Klan were giving our neighbors problems because they felt that certain black families were not patriotic enough. They felt that we were a little too uppity and needed to be brought back to reality…ringing any bells? And to think in the NY Metro newspaper this morning, someone was asking, “Where did they [the kids that have been beating the shit out of folks for two weeks now] learn this behavior? From their parents…the same parents that were torturing families and burning crosses in the 60’s. There is nothing new under the sun. But what gets me is that people in New York really feel as if they are so far from racism. So why are kids, literally kids, beating the shit out of Latino boys with bats because they are screaming Obama in the streets? What does that say about good ole liberal New York City, heartbeat of America? And the white folks have the nerve to blame the violence on the bad economy. Now Bush is responsible for a lot…but he didn’t do this. (Damn that just made me sick inside to give him some credit.)

Bottom line, America did not ask us nicely and come on over here to the land of opportunity. We did not take a carnival cruise, and I certainly do not remember my Grandmother saying that folks were buying ship tickets and packing vacation bags. Never have we had it easy over here. Wake up and smell the recession babies. We still have yet to receive an official apology from the government. All of this “Yeah Obama” talk is great, but please be advised…we still have not overcome a damn thing.


Thoughts on Mr. President

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I have to admit I approached this election with a semi-hard heart. I refused to believe in the possibility of a black president, but I must say that the visual of an educated black man being at the helm of the ship was quite amazing. 

Although I am always a skeptic when it comes to politics, President Obama’s (I look forward to integrating that phrase into my vocabulary)acceptance speech really awed me. Even more amazing than his historic win was hearing an American political leader even mention so many issues that are truly meaningful to me. It was the first time I had seen that in my life time. 

I enjoyed his poetic mentioning of slavery, or suffrage, of classicism and so many other things that I feared were being left out in this election. And then to hear the call and response of “yes we can” that Obama shared with his mostly brown audience made me proud to be black and american all at the same time. It was a feeling I have never felt before and I am not sure I will be able to feel again, but I am hopeful.

And so, I know there is much more to be done and so many questions still left unanswered but I am certainly grateful to Obama for giving me one night where I was inundated with images of brown people that I have never seen on television before. And in all my negativity I am sure I will be reminded of those images time and time again. And for that I am indebted to Obama and the thousands who voted for and supported him. 

Now I am only left to wonder if there is a cabinet position in Oprah’s future. (fingers crossed)

Realization of a Dream

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One of the biggest moments in history happened to me when I was in high school. It was during AP American History that I and my classmates watched, spellbound, as the Twin Towers tumbled. “This is another day that will live in infamy,” I wrote in my journal that evening.

Tonight, I have been blessed to see yet another historical first. I was sitting in my chair, at my computer, glass of water in hand, when I and million others saw the projection: Obama has won the presidency.

I sniffled. I shed a tear or two. But more than that, I watched in awe, amazement, and delight that oh, dear goodness, a man of African descent has run for the highest office in the nation and won. No close calls, no Supreme Court decisions needed, just state after state of brilliant blue.

So many icons spoke of imagining a perfect world. This world isn’t anywhere near what one would deem perfect. But it feels that with this election, with this turnout, with millions of people in hundreds of countries have waited for with baited breath we, not just as a nation, but as a world have taken a crucial step towards perfection.

Do I expect that President-Elect Barack Obama will be the cure-all to what is wrong with the world? No, not remotely. I don’t feel any man or woman has that ability. But what I feel, deep within the confines of my soul, he is willing to listen to what the American people need and want, and will do what he can to aid countries who severely need our help, and will try to build better bridges with others.

Perhaps I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.

I was a sophomore in high school when I first read the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech I’ve Been to the Mountaintop. A part in particular stood out for me:

Well, I don’t know what will happen now. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it doesn’t matter with me now. Because I’ve been to the mountaintop. And I don’t mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land. And I’m happy, tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.

I often wondered what that promised land looked like. As I became even more militant, I wondered how in the world, after all MLK had seen, could he possibly see anything called a “promised land.” See, I always dreamt of running for president. But as I learned more about American history, I never thought I’d be able to do it. I’d be murdered on the spot, or I’d lose in disgrace. My skin color, in my mind, would prevent people from seeing the content of my character. In other words, unlike MLK, I feared man. I feared his ignorance. I feared.

Thanks to this election, and to this man who had to courage to run, I fear no longer. Thank you, President Obama, for allowing me to dream again.

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Political Magicians

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When I think about the title of this blog, The Personal is Political, I wonder how much truth this statement has in America. I suppose if you are “middle class” or wealthy, then yes this holds true. If you are heterosexual, and married then yes this is true. If you are LGBT identified and you want to live a heteronormative lifestyle, even that is political. But for me, a black woman, single, feminist, young, definitely not middle class, all of these things are personal but somehow absent.

In fact, watching the election coverage, I am amazed at the abilities of politicians. They have used their magical powers to render millions of people invisible. In the aftermath of something like Katrina, which to me is the greatest disaster of the current administration (even more so than the war), that these current politicians have said nothing about race or poverty. We all watched America’s racism and complete disregard for the poor on our tvs for months or more and they say nothing. Nothing at all.

What I am about to say will break the newest addition to the black code. (That is: we don’t criticize Obama in mixed company or ever) But it seems to me that Barack is entirely unaware of his own privilege. He thinks that because he worked side by side organizing with Chicago’s disenfranchised people that he has somehow secured his own street cred. And yet, there has been not one mention of the poor. Obama/Biden have been espousing this faulty logic that by empowering the middle class that somehow it will make all of society stronger. But I’m not confident in that logic, despite the great confidence that I have in Obama otherwise.

So, is the personal political? We’ll have to see. Because regardless of who moves into the white house in 2009, I’m not sure if these political magicians will make me reappear.

And the Debate’s On!

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In all seriousness, I never felt it would be cancelled. Good on Senator Obama for deciding that, agreement or no agreement, he would appear in Mississippi anyway.

Oh, and this right here:

“You can’t just say, ‘World, stop for a moment. I’m going to cancel everything,'” Huckabee told reporters Thursday night in Alabama before attending a benefit for the University of Mobile. He said it’s more important for voters to hear from the presidential candidates than for them to huddle with fellow senators in Washington.

This might just be the smartest thing I’ve ever known Huckabee to say. Read the rest of the article here.

I’ll be right in front of my TV tonight to see if the Maverick is going to do as well as he claims he is already has.

How not to handle stress 101

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So we all know that Mickey shut down his campaign and asked my Obamie to do the same and delay the debate siting he was rushing back to DC to work on the state of the economy. Well its been confirmed and talked about all over NYC today that he actually went and did another interview…and I don’t even think that interview was in DC.

Now I know politicians lie. Hell I was almost one of them…damn conscious of mine. But if you’re gonna lie at least make sense when its to the detriment of your campaign!!! Come on! I’m certain that my Obamie has told us more than a few. Hell nobody is that perfect! I wouldn’t be shocked if Chelle had a scandal of her own. But at least they keep up the facade. Mickey is just messy. Between this and Sara P’s babies (hers and the ones soon to come that are not hers but will live in her house) and Russia (lol), the GOP has just told us all of their business and, as usual look, like idiots!

PLUS! Ole Miss has spent something like 5 million smackers to accommodate the debate. My Obamie said that the Prez will have to handle more than one thing at a time (ya know multi task…the thing they want their secretaries to be really good at) and I agree. Look at W. on 9/11. WTC vs reading to the kids…wow. And to top it all off, after all of that talk about an agreement and bailing out the economy, we still don’t have an agreement. So I guess we regular folks will just loose everything while the fat cats political world leaders…focus?

Let’s just be honest Mickey…you don’t want your ass handed to you on a platter by my Obamie and demanding focus for the common man’s sake, offering piss poor deals, and then being difficult just because are ways to avoid that.

Maybe tomorrow/today we should start negotiations after nap time. Maybe then Mickey will have found his center focus.

In the meantime I’m going on over to Wa Mu, use my free checks and write one to my damn self in the amount of $10.23 then amble over to J.P Morgan and Chase to cash it. It will be better invested inside my mattress!

On the Debate Cancellation

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I’ve been watching this foolishness since PrissySistahX sent me a text message announcing that John McCain wants to “reschedule” the debate and suspend campaigning and such.

Really? What the hell for?

You, sir, are running for the highest office in the land. The job description is extensive, very extensive. Part of it reads “Must be willing to multitask.”

Did you miss that part? I reckon you feel that part isn’t even relevant. Ok, then.

So, let me get this straight. You want to run America. America’s overseas liberatin’ folks who don’t want to be liberated, and both soldiers and civilians are getting blown to bits and maimed. Here, we’re facing an economic crisis of ridiculously high proportions. Folks are losing homes and jobs left and right. Many of us can’t afford health insurance. Hell, many of us can’t afford to pay attention.

Right now, you’re contending with Senate business and a campaign that, I’m sure, is very, very time consuming.

Here’s the deal, Senator McCain. Should, God forbid, you happen to win the election, it is your job to deal with Iraq, the economy, health insurance woes, wife, children, international relations, and so on ALL AT ONCE. Because you’re the president, it’s what you do.

So, you can’t tend to senate matters and a campaign at the same time? You need to halt everything in order to focus? Well, hell, next time there’s an international crisis and a hurricane headed towards Florida happening at the same time, we’ll tell the hurricane to wait.

I mean, since you need time to focus, and all.