On the Debate Cancellation

I’ve been watching this foolishness since PrissySistahX sent me a text message announcing that John McCain wants to “reschedule” the debate and suspend campaigning and such.

Really? What the hell for?

You, sir, are running for the highest office in the land. The job description is extensive, very extensive. Part of it reads “Must be willing to multitask.”

Did you miss that part? I reckon you feel that part isn’t even relevant. Ok, then.

So, let me get this straight. You want to run America. America’s overseas liberatin’ folks who don’t want to be liberated, and both soldiers and civilians are getting blown to bits and maimed. Here, we’re facing an economic crisis of ridiculously high proportions. Folks are losing homes and jobs left and right. Many of us can’t afford health insurance. Hell, many of us can’t afford to pay attention.

Right now, you’re contending with Senate business and a campaign that, I’m sure, is very, very time consuming.

Here’s the deal, Senator McCain. Should, God forbid, you happen to win the election, it is your job to deal with Iraq, the economy, health insurance woes, wife, children, international relations, and so on ALL AT ONCE. Because you’re the president, it’s what you do.

So, you can’t tend to senate matters and a campaign at the same time? You need to halt everything in order to focus? Well, hell, next time there’s an international crisis and a hurricane headed towards Florida happening at the same time, we’ll tell the hurricane to wait.

I mean, since you need time to focus, and all.


~ by fashionablenerd on September 25, 2008.

One Response to “On the Debate Cancellation”

  1. Faced with the devastation inflicted on New Jersey by Hurricane Sandy, state officials should be rolling out a ‘welcome’ mat for anyone who has the skills needed for cleanup and reconstruction. Maybe that’s how they should feel, but it’s an attitude that’s not shared by the Jackass Party asshats in the state senate.

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