How not to handle stress 101

So we all know that Mickey shut down his campaign and asked my Obamie to do the same and delay the debate siting he was rushing back to DC to work on the state of the economy. Well its been confirmed and talked about all over NYC today that he actually went and did another interview…and I don’t even think that interview was in DC.

Now I know politicians lie. Hell I was almost one of them…damn conscious of mine. But if you’re gonna lie at least make sense when its to the detriment of your campaign!!! Come on! I’m certain that my Obamie has told us more than a few. Hell nobody is that perfect! I wouldn’t be shocked if Chelle had a scandal of her own. But at least they keep up the facade. Mickey is just messy. Between this and Sara P’s babies (hers and the ones soon to come that are not hers but will live in her house) and Russia (lol), the GOP has just told us all of their business and, as usual look, like idiots!

PLUS! Ole Miss has spent something like 5 million smackers to accommodate the debate. My Obamie said that the Prez will have to handle more than one thing at a time (ya know multi task…the thing they want their secretaries to be really good at) and I agree. Look at W. on 9/11. WTC vs reading to the kids…wow. And to top it all off, after all of that talk about an agreement and bailing out the economy, we still don’t have an agreement. So I guess we regular folks will just loose everything while the fat cats political world leaders…focus?

Let’s just be honest Mickey…you don’t want your ass handed to you on a platter by my Obamie and demanding focus for the common man’s sake, offering piss poor deals, and then being difficult just because are ways to avoid that.

Maybe tomorrow/today we should start negotiations after nap time. Maybe then Mickey will have found his center focus.

In the meantime I’m going on over to Wa Mu, use my free checks and write one to my damn self in the amount of $10.23 then amble over to J.P Morgan and Chase to cash it. It will be better invested inside my mattress!


~ by prissysistahx on September 26, 2008.

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