Political Magicians

When I think about the title of this blog, The Personal is Political, I wonder how much truth this statement has in America. I suppose if you are “middle class” or wealthy, then yes this holds true. If you are heterosexual, and married then yes this is true. If you are LGBT identified and you want to live a heteronormative lifestyle, even that is political. But for me, a black woman, single, feminist, young, definitely not middle class, all of these things are personal but somehow absent.

In fact, watching the election coverage, I am amazed at the abilities of politicians. They have used their magical powers to render millions of people invisible. In the aftermath of something like Katrina, which to me is the greatest disaster of the current administration (even more so than the war), that these current politicians have said nothing about race or poverty. We all watched America’s racism and complete disregard for the poor on our tvs for months or more and they say nothing. Nothing at all.

What I am about to say will break the newest addition to the black code. (That is: we don’t criticize Obama in mixed company or ever) But it seems to me that Barack is entirely unaware of his own privilege. He thinks that because he worked side by side organizing with Chicago’s disenfranchised people that he has somehow secured his own street cred. And yet, there has been not one mention of the poor. Obama/Biden have been espousing this faulty logic that by empowering the middle class that somehow it will make all of society stronger. But I’m not confident in that logic, despite the great confidence that I have in Obama otherwise.

So, is the personal political? We’ll have to see. Because regardless of who moves into the white house in 2009, I’m not sure if these political magicians will make me reappear.


~ by blackfeministanomaly on October 15, 2008.

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