About the Contributors


FashionableNerd is (besides fashionable and nerdy) a militant Black woman whose interest in politics is steering her towards a career in law. She has an opinion about any and everything going on in the election and in Washington D.C. in general. In fact, she has so many opinions about the state of the US government that she had to create another blog just for those thoughts. If you want to see more of her activism in action, pay her a visit at Hyde and Seek.


BlackFeministAnomaly is the alter ego of IntellectualFeminist, the second half of the writing talent at Hyde and Seek. She is best described by the title of this blog and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in gender/cultural studies in an attempt to find that hidden meaning in her identity as a woman of color. Blogging is a way for her to remind herself that the academic world she lives in is rooted in real life experience.


Rounding out the trifecta is PrissySistahX. She is a woman who has an opinion on everything (sound familiar?) and now, with an avenue to express them in, seeks to not only expand upon the problems plaguing society but to also offer solutions to the issues at hand.


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